woman entrepreneur feature :#1: rakshaya, instyle chennai

i typically dont do this. moreso because i have had my fair share of beef with online sellers, especially ones on instagram.
i truly wanted to take out the time to feature Rakshya!
i have only had absolutely happy shopping experiences with her, even when my packages were lost in transit.
she is committed to ensuring the best of service, customer response and stays true to her tagline #feelthequality.

Rakshaya, Instyle Chennai

Q1. Who is Rakshaya? How did you start Instyle? Tell us about your journey…

I am Rakshaya just 22 years old, a woman who had a plan to be a future cost accountant or a IT company worker. Just had a thought to do something with my friend who do customised mobile cases. He asked me to sell the customised cases to my friends and family. Here I started base level of marketing and actually I liked it allot after few days of doing that. There started a plan to open a page in insta like others. Here how started instyle. The name of the page and all the hard work or whatever done only by me with no other help but full support of my family. Then we started with few customised gifts like photo frames, coffee mugs, phone cases, customised pillows and few more.

It’s all started just like that and we’ll really well. 

We started doing promotions, collaboration, and we reached 9k followers in 2 years of time. We had more than 4.5k customers who shop frequently and we became best friends with few customers too!! So happy right? I know. Customers made me reach higher and we had a giveaway to reach 10k followers. Last September the page was hacked very suddenly and I was crying for two days for the hard work I did to create a huge brand. We had clothing, accessories for both men and women too!! I lost all my followers and the best customers I had. 

But I have a good news for you!!  After I decided to start a new page again, I sent the new page link to few customers who placed orders recently. I had there contacts with me. They followed and they shared to everyone. In just a month, I got back half of my customers🤩 
I again started with some new theme everymonth like all month birthday giveaway, collaboration, and we started invitation cards, visiting cards too. 

Q2. What proucts does Instyle offer?

I sell 
Customised gifts everything. 
Accessories for men and women like handbags, bags Belts wallets shoes and cosmetics 
Visiting cards wedding cards posters 
Newspaper bags for eco friendly. 

Q3. How do you manage the inquiries regarding products? How do you manage good customers, bad customers?
We will be having highlights for the customers to know how to place the order, also we have a link in insta to contact us directly in WhatsApp.
I have good customers much more and bad customers are not bad, it depends on how the products made them feel. But I never felt they are bad customers. If it’s my mistake, I have asked them sorry and gave Discounts for next purchase. Also, the same customers who have bad reviews bought many times with us. I have few and I can name them also. 

Q4. What has been your inspiration to keep instyle going for so long even though you account was hacked recently?
I have many inspiration, whenever I start a plan, I will get more other plans also. And mainly I am keep doing is only because I want to be a women entrepreneur, who want my customers to feel free to ask me anything at anytime. I wanted to start a website and put up more pop up shows in the future. 

Q5. What are the 2019 plans for Instyle?
2019 plans is all about pop up shows and I may start a website if page goes well. 

Q6. What are your long term plans? Where do you see Rakshaya and Instyle in 5 years?
I will definitely start a website in next 5 years and I should be a team lead of women entrepreneurship with many women entrepreneurs and help all the new upcoming entrepreneurs and to organise a event management with them. I hope this works in 5years with all my customers help. 

At 22, I was earnestly looking out for jobs, while Rakshaya has already has years on her as an entrepreneur. it’s truly commendable what you can achieve with hard work, right attitude and honesty. Rakshaya is an embodiment of all this; the true reason why she has sustained and grown so much.
I am truly proud and happy to be a little part of Rakshaya and Instyle’s journey.
Wishing you the very best for Instyle and all your future endeavors, Rakshaya!

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